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EdenOS and Social Media Hesitancy

Greeting and welcome to my worst ever “hello world” post:

Okay, I’ll start by saying I’ve always hated social media. I have avoided Fb (makes my skin crawl), twitter et al. since they’ve been around. (And I was actually working in the computer business at the time). E-communication just wasn’t me. I need to see people in person, hug them and look into their eyes. Yes, I have trust issues and, yes, I’ve been called a dyed-in-the-wool cynic more times than doggie coin holders are going to get rug-pulled. SM just falls flat for me.

But then I went on my first “zoom” call yesterday to make some new friends (as @kingsov):

And imagine my surprise…I actually had a good time. And more importantly, felt that I had made “real world” connections with many people.

The EdenOS demo election that took place on May 13, 2021 will be remembered, I have no doubt, as one of the pinnacle moments in history, as it demonstrated the capacity for people around the world to come together virtually to achieve consensus on self-governance. I’d never seen that before.

Dan’s book, MORE EQUAL ANIMALS, which I’m currently reading, is a game changer. Thank you Dan.

Having slept on the EdenOS mock election experience has given me a bit more perspective on where to place it in a historical context. To relate this to the American revolution, I would now say we have just held our first Continental Congress. Not the main event, but a critical first step. Perhaps a July 4th declaration will be made again? I don’t know, of course. History seems to have a way of laying itself out in front of people to be so obvious that you’re always tripping over it, even though it goes unnoticed. But I’m starting to notice. And I still cannot believe that I was invited to attend this important ceremony. Thank you Domenic and Hahn, and congratulations Chris.

Should I be invited to future iterations of EdenOS I will participate with more enthusiasm and a more eloquent proposal. (Probably something to do with marketing to the normies, like my political yard sign idea from round One.) Hopefully my social media hesitancy does not hurt my ability to stay up to date with all the goings on in this exciting new opportunity. Things around here move very fast and require constant updating. This will be my new burden. Wish me luck. (Oh, and fuck zuck).


Brian “Harley” Wilson


I’m with you. Never was never big on social media. Maybe if I traveled since I love sharing exhilarating landscapes and definitely, definitely aviation photography. Sure, the Internet CAN be place to make new connections and stay in touch. Just that the current server dynamic is like an unstable nuclear power plant at frequented toll both- hoping it doesn’t go off while I drive through.

ClarionOS can change Zuck-dependency. EdenOS ensures purity in congress. Thanks for the group inspiration Harley. Can I assume that you ride? That why you’re obsessed with lawns? Good, well-lit ones sure draw the eye riding through NJ streets on a little Suzuki 650.


Yeah, I like to kick it on my razor power core 90


Not obsessed with lawns (actually hate mowing) but the US political system uses yard signs as a primary signaling device. Just trying to tap into that “old school” vibe.

Thx for your comment


I agree 100%. After experiencing two rounds and watching a couple other breakout groups, I’m truly impressed by the various different dynamics. Working on some follow up stories after my initial write-up:

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