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Eden2 Posting for Technical Lead

Eden Technical Lead

May 2, 2022


Eden requires someone to take responsibility for assembling a team to maintain & improve Eden’s current codebase and its deployment. Eden will require ongoing technical expertise so that bylaw changes and other improvements can be made accurately and efficiently.    


  1. To work under the direction of the Eden Chief Delegates to plan and implement desired changes and upgrades
  2. To form and lead a team of workers as appropriate  


The Technical Lead will create and maintain a new Github repository for Eden. Where possible, he or she will consult with those Eden members who built the original product and plan a process that will allow for the enactment of bylaws and other future changes. The Technical Lead will manage development, communicate progress & needs to the Chief Delegates, and maintain a written record of all work. The Technical Lead will be responsible for disbursing funds to any workers as a co-signer on a multi-sig with the Chief Delegates.


To be administered by the Head Chief Delegate

Application Process

If you are interested in this role, contact an Eden Chief Delegate or send an email to chuckmacdonaldeos@gmail.com. At this time, only Eden members will be considered for the position.