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Eden Website Imagery Overhaul - stock imagery must go!

The current stock imagery on the https://edeneos.org/ is a real turnoff and makes this revolutionary project look like a bland corporate entity (or worse a faceless organisation with no real people behind it)

Now that we have had the first elections surely we can get real images up of the community and the chief delegates etc, screenshots of zoom calls etc that show this is a real live vibrant community. Nothing about the stock imagery says that this is an active community with hundreds of passionate members who’ve just successfully run a first of its kind election.

It was awesome to have gotten the website up and running but now that things have moved on this needs to be changed asap. The website as a whole prob needs an overhaul, which may involve a lot of work, but changing the stock imagery could be done in little time with little effort and make an enormous difference to the first impressions made on new visitors and potential future members.

go team!


I wholeheartedly concur.