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Eden v0.1 Internal Test a Success!

Quick update about our internal test today…

Today, the Clarion developers and a few dedicated members of the community (Domenic and Ray) completed a full run-through of the genesis member induction, followed by a new member induction.

The Good News

It all worked. So that’s good.

The Reality

We ran into enough caveats that the Dev team had to explain, provide walk-throughs, or show workarounds for, that we’re going to take an extra day to provide resources, re-order a couple things in the UI for clarity, and ensure we don’t create a support nightmare for us as well as a terrible user experience for all y’all (and those you then go to invite).

What Comes Next

We’re going to try to blitz these changes we decided to make out of today’s test. If we can get them done, we’ll stick do our original plan of a Wednesday public release. If we can’t stay up late enough and drink enough proverbial Mountain Dew to get it all done, we may opt to delay a day until Thursday.

As I wrote in the previous post: What can you expect mid-week?

We will be in contact with the Genesis members to alert you to the portal being live, and then request you complete the Genesis induction. That will consist of each Genesis member going to the portal and following the instructions there. We will have a little more information mid-week about this process with some more in-depth details, but I’ll leave that for then.

Should all go well with the Genesis induction, we’ll then confirm that we can invite a new member, and then it’s off the races, growing the community!

We at Clarion are so excited about implementing Dan’s vision and sharing this powerful, new process for consensus with the world. We can’t wait to release it into the wild and see what all you awesome people do with it!

Thank you for your trust in us and patience with us. Thank you for your commitment to Life, Liberty, Property, and Justice for All. And thank you for being on this journey with us!

– The Clarion Team


If you haven’t already seen Brandon and the dev team’s demo of Eden v0.1 from Thursday, check it out here .

To explore the Eden Wiki, click here .

About Eden: We are building the means for people to regain influence in their communities and to revolutionize their ability to come to consensus.


A great feedback loop and jumpstart for the community!!!