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Eden on EOS Infrastructure

Short description:

The Eden Season 3 Chief Delegates are sponsoring a proposal to cover the migration and ongoing support for the Eden code, including bug fixes, configurations, deployment, and ensuring availability for other potential Eden communities.

This is the donations account: edenia4edens

Eden Infrastructure

The Eden Season 3 Chief Delegates, elected to serve as the official voice of the Eden on EOS community, are sponsoring a proposal to cover the migration and ongoing support for the Eden code. The team in charge will oversee and execute several changes that aim to improve Eden’s ecosystem, including bug fixes, configurations, and deployment, as well as ensuring the availability for other possible Eden communities inside the ecosystem.

Donation Goals:

  • US$11,130 one-time cost incurred at the time of migration from the Fractally team.
  • US$4,852 for the 3-month ongoing code maintenance, documentation, testing, and deployment

All donations that exceed that goal will be allocated accordingly will be used on future expenditures for other open-source projects.

Donation Account: edenia4edens


Here’s a list of the components to be maintained and improved using the funds obtained from this community led grant. You can also find the full list and supporting documentation on this cloned repository

  • EdenOS Community Web App: This is the frontend that you see when you access the Eden portal
  • EdenOS Subchain Client: The Eden webapp uses a subchain to track history. This sub-chain contains a subset of EOSIO blocks relevant to the Eden contract’s history. eden-micro-chain.wasm, which runs in both nodejs and browsers, produces and consumes this subchain, and answers GraphQL queries about the contract history.
  • IPFS Upload Handlers: The client uploads the file to the Eden Box service, which, in return, uploads and pins the file to the IPFS network via an IPFS gateway.
  • CI/CD pipeline for deployment in a development and production environment.

Public good

All improvements of the components for EdenOS are open-source and include documentation provided for other communities to deploy. The running instances of “subchain” also act as a history solution with open and free APIs for alternative UIs.

About Us

EOS Costa Rica, part of Edenia (a web3 dev shop) builds tools and dApps for EOS. Our latest community-focused projects include EOS Rate, EOSIO Dashboard, EOSIO Spend Explorer and LACChain EOSIO – a blockchain network in Latin America. We also provide resources to the EOSIO infrastructure, promote the local EOSIO ecosystem, and provide learning resources and workshops about EOSIO. See our open source solutions in these repos: Edenia · GitHub and EOS Costa Rica · GitHub .


Thank you Edgar and Edenia team for doing the work. I Donated half of my second distribution.
That’s 1878 EOS for CDs.
I urge Level 1 delegates to donate half of their second distribution too, that’s 341 EOS.
Let’s see how Edenites care about the code powering its infrastructure!