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Eden Genesis Convention Agenda & Peace Treaty


  • Review agenda
  • Review the Peace Treaty
    • Here are the core values; here’s what you’re agreeing to
      • If you disagree, this is not the place for you.
    • Q&A about the Treaty
  • Everyone introduce themselves in 30 seconds and approve the peace treaty

The following “Peace Treaty” represents the basics of the consensus process we are adopting. This process is intentionally kept as simple and minimal as possible. It’s only function is to safeguard the ability of the people to reach a new consensus and preventing the governance from being captured by the pitfalls of traditional democracies. For more information please checkout my book, “More Equal Animals”

Peace Treaty

  1. The size of an independent Eden community shall not exceed 10,000 members

  2. Leaders shall be elected by the following process:
    a. Members are randomly organized into groups of 12 or less.
    b. Each group must select a representative from their group with ⅔+1 approval.
    c. The process shall then repeat, fractally, by randomly grouping the representatives approved in the previous round of elections, until a single lead representative is chosen.

  3. Elections shall occur at least annually or may be triggered by a petition of 10% of the membership or according to the bylaws.

  4. The community may adopt bylaws, which contain all rules, processes, regulations that are binding on anyone who wishes to remain a member.
    a. The level of representation that voted in the lead representative shall be known as the Board.
    b. The active and a proposed set of bylaws are indivisible, single documents, ie. the former Board cannot provide the next board numerous options.
    c. Bylaws may only be ratified if they were proposed at least 3 months before the last election.
    d. The lead representative can act inside the existing bylaws.
    e. The board can propose a new set of bylaws. The vote to approve a proposal as well as ratify a proposed set of bylaws shall be approved by ⅔+1 vote, which shall include the lead representative.

  5. Bylaws may not override, change, eliminate, or extend the process of the Peace Treaty.

  6. Members must be invited according to community bylaws and can be removed according to community bylaws.

  7. The Peace Treaty may be amended by a ⅔+1 vote of all members.

Initial Bylaws

  1. The initial Board shall consist of the people on the Genesis Call and shall have the power to propose and ratify bylaws until such time as the first election occurs.
  2. All new members must be invited by 3 existing members on video, and the new member must read and agree to the Peace Treaty and agree to follow community bylaws as enacted by the representative leaders.

Will this be enforced with on chain code? I’m sure the plan is for it to be, just wanted to make sure - ie, let’s keep subjectivity out of ‘laws’ as much as possible.


Absolutely, everything will be tracked on chain. This peace treaty will be encoded into a smart contract and all members will ratify it on chain, then the process of proposing bylaws changes will also be on chain so there is no doubt.


I’m assuming this video invite can be separately scheduled between the 3 existing members to avoid the nightmare of aligning 4 schedules?

For a hopeful member like me that doesn’t know any of the initial Board Members personally, what do you recommend as the best ways to get involved to get invited?

I had envisioned it occurring at the same time. If you cannot get 4 of 20+ people to agree on a single 10 minute times lot, then there are other issues.


I have seen you around the community making contributions. We are working on a process to streamline things. It won’t take long for the law of 6 degrees to take effect and for you to be invited.


How does the funding allocation work with each new election? So say after the first election of 1000 members another election is triggered 6 months later by the 10% petition. Do the winners from the previous election keep their funds and another round of funding would be required for the new winners?


This would be governed by the bylaws. But in principle there is a budget that is released over time or funded on a per-election basis. Unused funds can be “left” as “income” to be distributed by the next election.

Ok makes sense. Since 10% is a rather small group this could be one seemingly innocent attack vector if the funding mechanisms are overly disrupted by holding frequent elections. The bylaws will hopefully add some resistance to this potential.

that makes sense and is encouraging given I have the same curiosity there. Looking forward to see if I get a few invites over the next few days/week or so.

Yes I’m thinking the same here :grinning::+1: go EOS :rocket:

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  1. The people on the Genesis Call shall make up the initial Board upon agreeing to the Peace Treaty and making a Membership Donation of 10 EOS. They shall have the power to propose and ratify bylaws until such time as the first election occurs.

  2. Each individual invited after the Genesis Call must be invited by 3 members on the same video conference call and upon reading the Peace Treaty and bylaws will make a “Membership Donation” of 10 EOS confirming their agreement to abide by them as enacted by the current representative leaders.

  3. Upon the conclusion of the first election cycle, after reading and agreeing to the Peace Treaty and bylaws as enacted by the current representative leaders, an invitation by 2 members will be required with confirmation of entry from a randomly selected elected official on the same video conference call, after which a “Membership Donation” of 10 EOS will be made by the individual wishing to become a member.

Thoughts? I expanded a little bit, specified a bit more in the wording, and added the 10 EOS, I don’t know if that’s still going, or the amount is subject to change?

Other than that I am glad it’s out and we’re moving. Thanks for putting this together, and I look forward to being of as much service as possible.

I thought the same thing, it could be looked at both ways. As difficult as it seems to get rid of bad BPs now.

I don’t know if this number is to low and should be raised to 20 or 25% for the petition.

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Very exciting times indeed. The Peace Treaty is just the beginning - in case you have not read these links. This info helps to provide background.

Dan’s Book

Eden - Part 1

Eden - Part 2

Eden Roadmap


@benobi Thank you. This should be a post - Make it a wiki post if you have permission. We could keep all the relevant posts together.

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Definitely - this is just a breadcrumb for now until I level up.

I wonder why you call it ‘peace treaty’ in the your book and Eden. ‘Peace treaty’ assumes that parties involved are already at war and is formal agreement of both sides to end it. Why is it peace treaty while it could be just a consensus or agreement, etc? (Does it sound odd to me because English is not my first language?)


The wiki page is live —> What is EdenOS?

Thanks for the suggestion.

Because under nature we are at war with no agreement. We may not be actively firing shots but everything is fair game.