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Eden Delegates Accounting Standard

Eden Delegates Accounting Standard

The Eden Accounting Standard is a reporting mechanism meant to provide the Eden on EOS community information around how Eden funds are being allocated. Elected delegates may adhere to the standard and easily report their Eden expenses using a specific format for the memo field of the EOS token transfer action.

The Eden community’s feedback and engagement is critical to the success of the project. We hope to make this effort as collaborative and easy to use as possible as the quality of the reports generated are a direct result of the level of participation of the Eden delegates.

The list of active delegates and their income will be automatically sourced from the genesis.eden smart contract when delegates withdraw Eden funds to their accounts.

Expenses are then picked up automatically by the application by interpreting the memo field messages that delegates must include using the standard EOS token transfer contract.

The memo field must follow a specific format in order to :

  • Identify the token transfer as an Eden delegates expense.
  • Categorize the expense into one of several predefined categories.
  • Describe with additional information on the nature of the expense.

If a delegate chooses not to apply the memo format, their transactions will still be tracked but their reports will show all expenses as “uncategorized.”

Transaction Memo Format

Delegates may include any expense into the reporting system by using the following memo format:

eden_expense: <category/description>

  • eden_expense is a general prefix to identify this expense as related to Eden, it must be followed by a colon :

  • category must be one of several predefined category keywords that best describes the nature of the expense. The category must then be followed by a forward slash /

  • description is a free-form short text that describes the use of Eden funds.

The following is an example EOS token transfer memo using the Eden expense tracking format:

eden_expense: salaries/payroll for internship program

Expense Categories

Category names are limited to a single word so that they can be used as keywords in the transaction memos.

We have provided the following initial list of categories and would like to ask the Eden Delegates for suggestions on new expense categories.

Category Name Description
admin General Administrative
charity ​​Charitable Donations
development Software and Web Development
dues Dues and Subscriptions
education Educational Courses and Materials
hardware Computer hardware
infrastructure Web Hosting and Servers
legal Legal and Professional Fees
marketing Media and Outreach
pomelo Pomelo Projects Support
salaries Salaries and Payroll
software Software Licenses and Subscriptions
travel Travel Expenses

Example Transaction
Follow this link to see an Example eden expense transaction memo:

Eden Smart Contract Integration

The expense tracking platform will source all active Eden delegate’s accounts from the Eden smart contracts.

Every time an election occurs the delegate’s accounts will be included in the list of accounts that will be automatically tracked to capture all expense reporting information via the transaction memos.

All income will also be automatically tracked every time a delegate claims their funds.

Token Transfer Event Listener

The application backend service will track all token transfers originating from Eden delegates EOS accounts.

When a token transfer includes the transaction memo format this will be parsed and used to populate the database and automatically track and categorize the expenses.

Database fields

The database will persist the following data for EOS token transfers that involve an Eden delegates account:

Field Name Type Description
txid SHA256 Transaction ID
date Date Transaction Date
type Text Income or Expense
delegate EOS Account Name Eden Delegate’s Account
amount Number Transfer Amount in EOS
recipient EOS Account Name Receiver of Funds
category Text Expense Category
description Text Transaction description

Data can then be aggregated to be displayed on a web application with graphs and other data visualizations.

Data Visualization and Reporting

Some interesting data visualizations to be included in the dashboard could be :

Expenses by category pie chart

  • Total Expenses By Category per Delegate
  • Total Expenses by Category for all delegates
  • Total Expenses by Category for all chief delegates
  • Total Expenses by Category for all level 1 delegates

Expenses over time line graph

  • Expenses over time per Delegate
  • Expenses over time for all delegates
  • Expenses over time for all chief delegates
  • Expenses over time for all level 1 delegates

Total Expenses

  • Total expenses reported by each delegate
  • The top 10 largest Eden expenses this election cycle
  • The top accounts receivers of Eden funds
  • Total number of expenses
  • Average number of expenses
  • Average expense size


The chief delegate (Edgar Fernandez) will fund the development of a web application which will be executed by the EOS Costa Rica team at Edenia.

The initial scope of the project is to collect information related to EOS token transfers originating from elected delegates’ accounts.

Development will take place in the following GitHub Repository: eoscostarica/eden-accounting-standard

Initial MVP1 will be delivered before the next Eden election.

Future development and features

Adding / Editing expenses after transactions take place

Delegates may want to classify transactions that have been sent without the proposed memo standard.

  • Delegates could use a smart contract to edit their expenses after they have taken place and provide justifications

Please share your thoughts on the above and participate in the future development of features.


How difficult is it to modify or add expense categories to include new categories or sub categories to show more detail in the future?

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Adding new categories shouldn’t be difficult we are open to any new categories that Eden members would like to include. Categories can be renamed but modifying the transactions associated to those categories wont be possible. Sub-Categories can be done but may make the memo format more complicated for delegates to use. Id say sub-categories would be something to discuss and would rather leave for a future version.


Sounds great. I only asked because I think there are some missing areas where having a budget and corresponding expense category may arise in the future. That’s all. I prefer simpler over complex but also feel having accurate numbers is important and assigning categories up front or earlier if you see the need is better so you don’t have to deal with historical data that is conflated and needs recategorization or subcats later creating more resource expenditure.

Thanks Edgar for your timely response, it is much appreciated!

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I think this is a great proposal. Once the standard is defined this info could be integrated directly into the Eden UI.

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Hey guys I made this mockup of both the Treasury showing some of the proposed graphs and also the token transfer tool to make the standard easy to use. Please check it out and let us know what you think. All suggestions are welcome.


This is awesome, I wish I had known about this earlier. A quick readme should be made for all Delegates who should receive a link or access through the Eden website upon being elected.