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Eden Delegate Fund Usage (Season 1)

I invite each Eden Delegate to reply with a comment that explains their use of funds during their elected term from October 9th, 2021 until April 9th, 2022.


I received these disbursements from the Eden Treasury:

125.6289 + 121.7408 + 117.9145 + 112.0816 + 106.503 + 101.2091 + 6.414 = 691.4919

Here is how I used the funds:

NOV 05, 2021 – sent 125 EOS to @dobuora for his unpaid community work

NOV 11, 2021 – sent 145 EOS to projects on Pomelo

DEC 30, 2021 – sent 140 EOS to EOS Support

JAN 13, 2022 – sent 130 EOS to EOS Support

FEB 11, 2022 – sent 107 EOS to myself as payment

APR 01, 2022 – sent 70 EOS to projects on Pomelo

That’s a total of 717 EOS spent during my term, which includes some of my own funds.

Remaining Balance of 37 EOS intended for Pomelo

Here is my Eden account for reference:


I received these disbursements from the Eden Treasury:

Nov 11, 2021: 247.3697 EOS
Mar 30, 2022: 437.7082 EOS
Total of 685.0779 EOS

Nov 11, 2021 - sent to Pomelo: 247.3697 EOS to EOS Support, 1 EOS to bywire and 1 EOS to mindweb

Mar 30, 2022 - sent to Pomelo: 350.7082 EOS to EOS Support, 50 EOS to the Referral System (Development by EOS Support), 27 EOS to bywire, 10 EOS to mindweb

That’s a total of 687.0779 EOS spent until today 7. of April 2022.

Remaining Balance (Today 6.4140 EOS) intended for Pomelo (I think I will donate the rest to Bywire).

I have donated to over 70 other Pomelo projects from my own funds, as they were not part of my Eden pitch or Eden promises.

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I donated to multiple projects / grants on Pomelo as I said I would at the last election,
If you look at my Pomelo account you can see all my donations so far I will be donating further shortly

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Great Initiative Josh:

Here is my EDEN Usage of Funds Full declaration:

In summary:
101.2091 EOSwithdraw|101.2|
336.4991 EOSwithdraw|336.5|
121.7408 EOSwithdraw|121.75|
125.6289 EOSwithdraw|125.6|


Funds Spent:

|Pomelo Project Donations| β†’ 479 EOS
|Contributions: 94
Total value: $1,150.34 USD
Rank: :medal_sports: (11-50)|

Donation to the HELP2UKRAINE Campaign β†’ help2ukraine 336.4991 EOS

Total Spent: 815.5 EOS

My EOS Account:

I Believe that EDEN can and should extend having an Impact on EOS, and although providing Value for EOS should be the highest priority, EDEN should also have a social impact in order to promote Fractal Democracy in the outside world