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Eden 2 Chief Delegate Meeting #1 - Thursday, April 14, 2022


  • Edgar Fernandez
  • Brock Pierce
  • Chuck MacDonald
  • Michael O’Sullivan
  • Gracie Lau

Video Meeting Link: https://youtu.be/Yu8hvLcXT38

Traditional Meeting Minute Items:

  • Recurring CD meetings will take place each Thursday.
  • Meetings will be held to 1hr each with specific items timed in each meeting.
  • Group has decided to have rotating meeting chairs ordered first-name alphabetically.
  • When votes are required they will use the raise hand function in Zoom calls, but could be made ‘on-chain’ somehow in the future.

Goals as Eden Chief Delegates:

  • Edgar - Providing more transparency, and building more tools for accounting transparency of Eden funds used.
  • Michael - Will produce more content for EOS. Help with deciding the meaning of Eden and helping it have teeth to make decisions that affect the EOS blockchain.
  • Brock - Will use his CD funds to advance Eden via the advice of a small advisory council.
  • Chuck - Looking to run the ‘Eden process’ more often. Will look to identify Eden’s tools and process and package that into a dApp that anyone can use.
  • Gracie - Will spend CD funding on projects that help with EOS onboarding, or on dApps that will promote more EOS usage.

Questions/Clarifications for Previous Chief Delegates:

  • Prior to the most recent election Eden had a Peace Treaty and Initial Bylaws. Point 4b states that “The active and a proposed set of bylaws are indivisible, single documents, ie. the former Board cannot provide the next board numerous options.” Therefore if you start to peel the proposed Bylaws apart and vote individually, you will be breaking this existing rule. The previous CDs did discuss this point however and it was suggested that the Bylaws could instead be divisible but some rules/bylaws could be proposed as an indivisible clump due to implied dependencies on each other. This way a clump of bylaws that have a specific intention (and are dependent on each other) can’t be tweaked to change the intention of the clump. Other bylaws with no dependencies could be left as individual and could be individually accepted or denied, E.G. point 9 changing the admission fee to 3 EOS is a single bylaw that could be rejected, whereas point 2 with sub-points a through d shouldn’t be individually accepted/rejected. The CDs decided not to include this language and left it as it was. Certainly your group can change this in your proposed bylaw changes to be ratified by the next set of CDs in three months.
  • Point 4c “The CDs can act inside the existing bylaws” is an original Peace Treaty point. The history of the Peace Treaty and Bylaws can be seen on this Miro Board where you can see this particular point has been there the entire time. Ideally this would’ve been noticed prior to the most recent CD Bylaw submission so we could have made this change to be carried forward. If you’d like to correct this then the current process would be to make the change and propose it for the next set of CDs to ratify. If you change this wording now and then ratify you’re basically doing away with points 4a and 4b, which existed in the original Peace Treaty (but for the tweak to 14 days, which Dan used his God Powers to change from 3 months).
  • The question on what is the role of the Head Chief Delegate (HCD) has been discussed at length. One of the issues that relates to this is the use of sortition to pick this position. By reducing the pay increase for the HCD the pay for all other Delegates is increased. That was the primary driver of that change.

Suggestions/Comments on Discussion:

  • Relying on CDs to fill traditional ‘board’ roles isn’t likely ideal as you may end up with CDs that simply don’t want these roles or aren’t good at them. Additionally you will end up with a lot of turn over on these roles (per each election) where it would likely be much more efficient to have roles filled by the same folks that persist beyond each election. This feeds into the ideas from a few Eden members where Eden as an organization should have roles (treasurer, secretary, etc…) that are filled by Eden members appointed by the CDs. When CDs transition to a new set after an election they can vote to decide if those who are currently in those roles should remain or if they should be replaced.
  • Keep in mind some of the bylaw changes need to be reflected in code changes. I.E. The 10 EOS membership fee is hard coded. Also the reduction to the funding the HCD receives will still have the current multiple until the code is updated. So you will all need to decide how you’re going to adhere to the ratified bylaws that don’t match the code. Maybe Edgar will agree to let his extra funding via code be used in a means that the CDs vote (greater than 2/3) and agree on. E.G. Use those funds to pay devs to update the code accordingly.

Thanks Chris for the summary and suggestions. We will discuss in our meeting this week and look forward to your continued participation.