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Eden 1st official election : Electoral program of the EOS FR project

Hey everyone ! :wave:

Below is the Eden electoral program of the EOS FR community group represented by I, Bishop, CryptoZak and Jon_EOS_FR (all Eden and EOS Bees members) for the upcoming election on October 9th. Our community encompasses and welcomes all french-speaking persons around the world.

What have we done so far for the EOS community ?

  • We noticed that there was no french speaking EOS community for a long time and decided to create a telegram group and a Twitter account in Q1 2021. We went from 10 to 150 people in the tg group and have 300 followers on Twitter so far.
  • We dedicate a lot of time to educate people in french about EOS, do AMAs every week, make informal partnerships with other french crypto groups to increase our visibility and create NFTs for our community to increase engagement and raise some money.
  • We communicate a lot with the global EOS community : We recently joined EOS Bees and many of our top members have also joined Eden. We also interviewed and supported EOS Marketplace and the Venezuelian community as well as other EOS communities around the world.
  • We are helping Elie from RoC to introduce EOS in his country like Venezuela did. The purpose of the interview with the Venezuelian community was partly to answer Elie’s questions about EOS implementation and EOS Marketplace.

What are we currently working on and planning to do ?

  • Translating More Equal Animals in french
  • Writing a complete Guide in french about EOS on GitBook, with tutorials (wallets, transactions, defi, REX, …) and education (decentralization, governance, EOS and Block.one, …) inspired by the content already available in english.
  • We are planning on doing Youtube tutorial videos in french as soon as the GitBook is finished
  • We will launch a website or add a French page to the EOS english website with our content.
  • In the longer term, we are considering running as a BP
  • We will of course keep doing what we are already doing to make the FR community grow, should we succeed in getting funding or not.

We will provide updates and checkpoints on this roadmap every 1st of the month.

Why do we want funding and why our work matters ?

  • The french speaking crypto community is enormous and doesn’t know about EOS. For example there are 13k members in the Ultra FR telegram group and we are only 150 members in the EOS FR group, that’s a huge adoption potential we shouldn’t miss and that’s why we believe our work is very important to the community.
  • We have been putting a lot of time and effort since Q1 for the EOS community and even though we love doing it because we love EOS, financial incentives would help us keep up the good work.
  • Funding would help us give more time, recruit more people and go through our ambitious roadmap.
  • It would also be useful to pay to be hosted in AMAs in big telegram channels, to make great giveaways that would attract people, …

How much funding do we want to receive ?

With the assumptions made in the image above we can estimate that each winner of Round 1 would get 122 EOS/month, winners of Round 2 would get 733 EOS/month each and the winner of the election would receive 440 EOS/month.
We know that other variables may affect the monthly funding amount but we wanted to make simple assumptions and rounded estimations.

We are aware that this election will see a lot of awesome projects compete for funding and that the funds available will not be enough to fully satisfy everybody.

During the election we will try to get funding for our EOS FR group (70%) and for the EOS Bees :honeybee:Treasury (30%). We won’t compete only for EOS bees because our work isn’t only marketing related and we are also seeking reward for all the work that has already been done.

What expenses do we plan and wish to do for the EOS community ?

  • We are paying a 40$ / month to use Gitbook and finish our EOS Guide in French.
  • We are planning on making an AMA in a french well-know telegram group dedicated to gem hunt which has 3,5k followers. The cost of the AMA is around 100 EOS, this is expensive but we would touch a very special audience and a substantial number of french speaking people, which could help a lot to spread the good word about EOS among the FR community.
  • EOS Bees related expenses
  • The more we get, the more time we can give and the more content we can create

As there will be 4 EOS FR representatives, we are seeking at least 244 EOS / month of funding (at least 2 of us getting to the 2nd round) of which at least 73 EOS would go to the EOS Bees treasury.
We will of course look for more if we don’t face projects that we feel are more important to the community than ours. Depending on how the EOS Bees funding through Eden geos, we might consider sending a bigger part of our funding to the EOS Bees Treasury to support the launch of EOS Bees.

If we don’t get enough funding we will try to duplicate the amount of funds raised by using Pomelo as we believe the community will greatly support our project. But it’s hard to predict if Pomelo will be enough and with which projects we will compete within Pomelo so we don’t want to fully rely on that.

How can people keep a track of the funding we will potentially get ?

We will shortly after the election create a multi-signature account for the EOS FR Treasury. We will tweet about each big transaction that we make related to our roadmap.

Got take a look at our Telegram group and our Twitter and say “Bonjour” :wink:
We can’t wait to be part of this great experience and hear about the other communities’ projects :fist_right: :fist_left:
See you tomorrow !