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Early access to our newest project: an easy to use Web Wallet

We have a new project we’d like you to help us shape.

It is a non-custodial, open-source web wallet interface that we have been building in an attempt to create the most user-friendly experience possible. This experience should both be familiar to any token holder, and easy enough to understand right away for someone brand new to the blockchain space.

Our team has been working on this project since late last year and we’re finally ready to share an early access version of it. We haven’t even finalized our branding yet, so for now I’d like to introduce you to the untitled web wallet!

Note on the branding: We have some fun ideas for the brand and identity of this project we’re working on. I wish I could share them today but they’re not ready. You can expect a memorable name for this project in the coming months!

Early Access

Our first focus is “Tokens” and core app functionality.

With this early version of the web wallet you can currently view token balances, initiate token transfers, and see how to receive tokens on your account. Very basic sounding features on the surface, yet incredibly important to the overall experience of a brand new user.

We would love for you to give it a try and let us know your experiences.

Some other notable features of this initial release include:

  • Use Anchor to sign-in to the web wallet using your EOS, FIO, Proton, Telos or WAX account(s).
  • Supports signing in multiple accounts across multiple blockchains with instant swapping.
  • Designed with devices of all shapes and sizes in mind, works great on mobile and desktop.
  • Launching with both a light and dark mode, automatically set based on your device preferences.
  • Displays known tokens and prices, as well as the accounts value.
  • An Advanced section, currently housing a suite of resource management tools (for those who understand it).

Future Features

We have a lot of ideas on how to make using these blockchains easier. This web wallet is going to serve as our canvas as we create the ideal experience.

Some of the major features we are looking at right now include:

  • "Account Creation": Create a new account from the website and pair it with Anchor.
  • "Resources": Manage your account resources (Fuel, PowerUp, REX, Staking, etc).
  • "Earn": Use the various network systems to earn a return on your tokens (REX, etc).

Beyond that we also are looking at ways to bring these easy to use interfaces to all Anchor users.

Want to help us build?

This project is open source and we’d welcome the community to join us in its development. We have a clear vision of where we’d like to take this project but would welcome outside participation. Feel free to engage with us here on these forums, on Github directly, or get in touch with us and we can pull a limited amount of developers in to our team slack channel for more direct collaborations.

Being open-source also makes the code serve as a real world example of how to integrate Anchor into a web application. Our intent besides making a really easy to use wallet is to “dog food” our own APIs and SDKs to make the developer experience as good as we can.

You can find the full source code below:

This application is written using Svelte/Typescript and uses the EOSIO libraries we have been building to improve the developer ecosystem (@greymass/eosio and anchor-link).

Let us know what you think!

We have setup this forums specifically to collect feedback and talk about this new project. This will be the first post of many as we continue to refine and improve the overall user experience to help drive adoption. Start up a new post, let us know what you think, or join in one of the other discussions you may find to help guide us on this journey.


awesome ! really good news !

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You are always working on amazing stuff!!
Thank you!!

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This sounds great! I can’t really help on the development side, as I only have very basic programming skills. However, I am happy to help with user testing, and share my opinions around UX/UI, if that’s in any way useful…

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Love the simple approach. Less is more!

Oh so simple! Keep it up Greymass!!!

It absolutely is helpful :+1:

We are aiming for the best UX possible - so any thoughts you (or others) may have on the topic are very welcome.


Is there a way to build the app from windows?
I get this kind of error on my windows 10

There should be, though Windows is often more difficult to setup nodejs projects like this. We’ll see if we can figure out why that’s happening.

will say bye bye to all app store.

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