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Doubts about the accuracy of APY data

According to my actual income calculation, the daily return rate of EOS-USDT is about 0.038%, and the annualized APY is far less than 60%.

Hope to have a third-party APY calculation application.

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I would love to have some tools for interpreting my APY on Defibox. I have a bunch of my EOS alts there each backed by EOS or VIGOR et al…

I have no idea what my APY is.

I just hafto assume that I’m making a ton and leave it there.

I have no way of applying metrics. I didn’t chart my deposit amounts or anything. I just stuffed it full of all my alts in hopes of pulling some interest on all of those while I’m just hodling them.

Also, I have no idea if I’m losing money during an EOS-specific breakout/bullrun.

No way to tell from the way I see it.