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DISCUSSION TOPICS for Telegram Voice Chat w/ Dan Larimer

MARCH 15, 2021

Please list the topics you would like to discuss with the group during our next forum.

Dan can then review this list, prioritize it, and discuss the topics most important to the greatest number of members.

Note: Before adding a new one, please review the existing list, and, where possible ‘like’ an existing subject (vs. repeating the same topic).

Once an issue has been discussed …

IF (resolved) {
move to ‘RESOLUTIONS’ list
table discussion for future meeting


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Should the EOS Community form teams / committees to tackle the major tasks ahead of us?

If yes, what would be the most logical way to gather group members into these teams – simple volunteering?

And, for each major group, should a chairperson be ‘elected’ or ‘appointed by Dan’ to get things kicked off, and facilitate improved project management / organization ?


Dapps. I think this is one of the most important topic we have to discuss.

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I would like to hear more detail about the first implementation of the governance model / political playoffs.

What’s the status and current size of the donation pool?
What are the parameters of the “competition”?
What is the fee to participate?


From Aaron’s post…

Adding ‘Premium Tokens’ as network revenue generation option.


  1. I would like to know what, if anything, we can expect from B1. Obviously they are writing code for the chan, but what about dapps? We think we know Voice tokens will be on EOS. We know there something coming called Bullish but nobody know exactly what it is or when its coming. Will it be in the first half of 2021? Second? Next year? Is ther anything else we can expect from B1? Its like theres a giant black hole there. Not asking for specifics, but we need to know something around what the hell B1 is doing so the community can build effectively.

  2. I think we should discuss what is needed to build the price of EOS. The sooner we can sustainably increase the price the more enthusiasm we can generate and attract more investors. Almost everyone here is wanting financial gain, including me.

  3. Can we expect announcements of partnerships B1 that might bring more traffic to EOS?


One of things I would like to have cleared up is if the effort will be put into

  • Improve the core and add new ideas to it?
  • Improve the tooling for and libraries for make it easier to create DAPPs on top of EOS.

My personal opinion is that the biggest gap right now is in tooling, libraries and UX improvements

Proposal: Compensation for Social Media Moderators to support EOS & other projects, and counteract the trolls and FUD.

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*Telegram, Twitter, Reddit

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Since I am no longer associated with B1, my knowledge of their plans is approximately the same as everyone else in the community. If you want to know what to expect from B1 you will have to ask someone else.

That said, B1 does have the BPE team and they are developing code to enhance the system contract and they are responding to security bug fixes.

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I believe that most of the work is in tooling and governance. Very little work needs to be done at the core protocol level.

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We need to make sure the Voice Chat is recorded for our friends out East.

The community needs a prosperous ecology, the first thing is not to have too much uncertainty. The second is to restore public confidence. The third is to support the project. We can set up funds through donations, or develop some dapps to obtain funds. Rather than issuing the entire system. It’s too hard. It’s too hard to get votes.

Or you can let xiaolai, difibox and difis support you. I communicated with them and they would be happy to work with you.


I agree, EOS at its core is great and it might need improvements, but in the future, if the usage increases a lot. The only exception in my book might be IBC

The immediate effort should be tooling to build on top.
I suppose that B1 had to work a lot on that front for Voice and Bullish, do you think Open Source them could be an option? The tooling, not the core of the products, that my understanding is that they won’t