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Design ideas for EdenOS logo

Hello, me and my brother recently designed the logo for Clarion.

This is our idea for the logo for EdenOS, it is inspired by the EOS logo.

mockup site :

Let us know what you think of it.

Roar & Giordano


This is a great idea, thank you so much! We currently have quite a few designers that have been working behind the scenes for a few weeks with design submissions for this project and I would like to add to this thread, those design ideas for feedback as well if you don’t mind?

A vote was the goal. So, if you ever want to iterate on your vision, I was hoping this could be a thread for decision-making as well as displaying talents to the community. So, if designers want to include their contact info, with the designs, that would be mutually beneficial.

What do you think?


That would be cool. Post all EdenOS logo designs here!

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Thank you. I hope the new logo will be widely used.


it is beautiful! , and your explanation of the Eden OS roadmap on your site is perfect for newcomers to get a quick gist of all the buzz!


Hey, had a bit of time and was thinking something along these lines, the colors are open to suggestion, its mostly about execution of the idea, I don’t have the photoshop expertise if anyone wants to take this and work off of it…also had ideas revolving around a hand holding a chestahedron in place of/or encompassing an apple/ or plucking an apple(or chestahedron) from a tree…and of course, Eden OS strategically placed.Eden OS - 2 Eden OS