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Deploying smart contract written in Solidity

Hi, I’m developer from Korea trying to develop eos dapp with Solidity. I heard there is a kinda bridge btw eos and evm, so think of deploying smart contract written in Solidity, through Remix(Using Injected Web3 environment, Metamask).

Therefore, I’m just wondering if there could happen some problems by doing so. I tried to find some references about this matter, but couldn’t, so ask here for help. Thanks in advance!

EOS smart contracts aren’t directly compatible with Solidity, and there’s no EVM support at this point in time. Telos recently deployed an EVM contract which I believe offers this sort of development strategy.

That’s probably why you couldn’t find much reference material on the subject :sweat_smile:

An EVM compatible layer is being explored right now for EOS, but no release date that I’m aware of. If you wanted to test out this on Telos though I’d recommend you check out their Telegram channel for this: https://t.me/TelosEVMDevs, you’ll probably get most of your questions answered there. At some point in the future hopefully it’ll be possible on EOS as well!

Thanks for your kind answer! I misunderstood EVM supports already done. Hope EVM to come soon! :joy: