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Delete multiple authority's on bloks.io?

Hi I’m looking to delete a permission on one of my accounts, however it won’t allow me due to permissions linked to auths. There are 12 auths linked, is there a way of deleting all at once instead of tediously doing each one individually?

Im using bloks.io for this, so I guess the question is
In “contract action” is there a way to insert multiple actions to unlink.

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I forgot to add that the 12 authority links are from a singular contract. So to is it possible to unlink multiple auth links that are all from the same contract.

I don’t think bloks.io offers that feature unfortunately. Perhaps a good feature request for the bloks.io team - though I’m not sure where you’d submit that feedback.

It’d definitely be useful to be able to unlink more than one at a time though! We will be adding a permissions section to our web wallet at some point and will have to keep that in mind as a potential feature.

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That’d be awesome if you did! Goodluck I hope to use it in the future.