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CSV export from the eos chain

Hey guys,

I’ve been looking out for a CSV file export for tax purpose. Didn’t find any on that works fine either Anchor or block explorer.

The one I’ve found was on eos authority, but limited in the number of transactions.
Syed from EOS Cafe confirmed that eostax.io is down.

Anything you think of? Even the devs from the tax app I’m using (koinly) won’t support a lot of coins from the eos main chain.

Not that I’m aware of, and it’s a pretty big problem that needs solving.

I didn’t realize eostax.io was now down :sweat_smile:

I was unsure if this problem was on my end, . So thanks letting me know that it’s not. I was thinking it was kind of necessary.

And it’s not on you, I mean other wallet won’t offer anything else as good as Anchor for lots of features.

There is one more possibility I read with ACCOINTING.com - Bitcoin Tax and Crypto Portfolio Tracking Platform. Gets all the transactions from EOS accounts

It gives better results for EOS accounts than Coinly or cointracking (support for EOS is not good). because of the massive spam one have to filter out on the EOS transactions. But EOS users are able to get a correct tax report with accointing.com.

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The most simple I found is EosAuthority.com, just enter your EOS Account, make your filters, and export transactions directly in a CSV.

Explanation Video
EXPORT CSV with EOSAuthority.com

Hi novacrypto, I really needed this. Thanks very much for putting the video up. I just have one question if thats okay please. Could you possibly tell me how i can download information for the tax period 06/04/2019 to 05/04/2020. The “filter by date” feature only seems to allow a monthly period but wont allow me to input anything longer than that. Kind Regards Solly

Hi Nova, please ignore last message. Ive managed to get this actioned