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Cpu, net, rem source resource sharing WAX

Hello folks!

using wax blocks io
I want to share my resources (cpu, net, ram) in my account with my other accounts.
I want the payment of transactions made from my other accounts to be paid from my main account.
so I can provide resource management from a single account. how can I do that.


Unfortunately you can’t (at least in the way you’re thinking) without writing a bunch of code yourself.

What you can do though is use the “delegate” feature, which is essentially staking from Account A to Account B. Account B gets the resources, but Account A remains in control of the tokens themselves. Using bloks, you would stake just like normal but change who the receiver is. You can cover CPU/NET this way.

RAM doesn’t have any options like this unfortunately. RAM can only be used by the account performing the transaction and is only ever owned by that account.