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Consolidate EOS and WAX Keys?

I’ve got an EOS account and a WAX account. When creating my WAX account I generated the keys in Anchor and it all works fine. However, I’m now wondering If my WAX account could be linked to my EOS Keys.
Reason being my EOS account is connected to a hardware wallet and I can only fit 3-4 different types of wallets on it, and its currently full. I’d like the convenience of having a hardware wallet that is registered to both WAX and EOS.
Additionally it would make it more convenient for me to browse marketplaces like AtomicHub, where instead of switching both blockchain and wallet, I could just switch blockchains.

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You could use the same keys for both the EOS and WAX accounts. It would just involve using some sort of permission tool (like within Anchor or on bloks.io or another web wallet) and modifying the keys.

Yeah absolutely, this makes a lot of sense. The keys should work fine for both EOS and WAX, you’ll just need to modify those keys like I mentioned above to match that of your ledger.


Awesome, thanks for clarifying. I didn’t want to go ahead with consolidating the accounts on the same keys and break something in the process.