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Collaborative Circles On EOS


We help value content creators within the EOS Ecosystem and beyond to turn their information into knowledge.

We have a multi-year plan to collaborate with the different circles around EOS. Such as EOS Bees, EOS Support, Eden DAO, Fractally, and any value circle.

We provide already and we are continuously building on:

MindWeb - EOSIO Swiss Workshops
MindWeb - Special Latam
MindWeb - EBD (Eden Business Dashboard)
MindWeb - EOSVision
MindWeb - EOSSupport
MindWeb - DappsEcosystem
MindWeb - Fractally
MindWeb - Fractally Brainstorming
MindWeb - Fractally Standup meetings
MindWeb - EOS/Rant
MindWeb - EOS Digest

We are on Pomelo since season 1.

We are running in Eden on EOS this April 9th to promote the circles.

We are on EOS committed since 2018. For the community, by the community.

Public, Plugin On-Chain Governance, and OS in a fractal paradigm is the mindset.