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Closing Remarks from the Board of the First Mock Eden Election

As we prepare for the second trial Eden election, we (the Board from the first mock trial election) wanted to officially conclude our term with a summary of our efforts.

Technically speaking only the winner (Chris Barnes) of the first trial election had a mandate to deliver on his promises and spend the 1000 EOS prize as he indicated. That being said, the Board took it upon itself to oversee this spend and ensure completion.

The following three sections outline our summary:

  1. What was promised and done
  2. What we see could be done moving forward
  3. How we see Eden can empower the EOS community to new heights

1 – What was promised and done

What was Promised?

  • 900 EOS paid to John Heeter of BOID.com to build out more features of the eospowerup.io service. Specifically, he was to add a Telegram and Discord bot so that “powerups” can be done to an account in chat vs needing to go to the website.
  • 100 EOS donated to the eospowerup.io fund to be used by those needing free powerups.

What was Delivered?

  • 900 EOS paid to John for successfully building and implementing a functional bot in both Telegram and Discord.
  • 100 EOS was donated to Greymass for their efforts.
  • 100 EOS was donated from EOS Dublin to the eospowerup.io fund. Clarity of this addition can be found below.

Timing of Notable Events:

Date Description
May 13, 2021 First mock election.
May 14, 2021 EOS Dublin donated 100EOS to the EOSpowerup.io account.
May 18, 2021 Edenosboard1 account was created with MSIG of mock Board members.
May 19, 2021 Deposit of 1000 EOS from election prize.
May 24, 2021 Initial Payment of 450 EOS to John for his planned work.
May 29, 2021 Eospowerup.io Telegram Bot released for testing.
June 18, 2021 Donation of 100 EOS to Greymass.
June 29, 2021 Discord Bot released for testing.
July 12, 2021 Final Payment of 450 EOS to John for completing his planned work.

Details of what was Delivered:

  • Shortly after the trial election Sharif from EOS Doublin announced that they would donate 100 EOS to the powerup account. With that information the Board felt it appropriate to redirect the 100 EOS that we were going to put there and send it to Greymass instead. Greymass came up many times during the trial election as being very deserving of community support. 100 EOS isn’t a lot, but of course better than nothing.
  • The Telegram bot can be found by searching for @eospowerupbot in Telegram.
  • The Discord bot has some issues with including it in groups, but still functions via this link.
  • Chris, not being an expert marketer, did tweet semi-frequently on these efforts. He did however spend a lot of time via group Zoom calls (Monday Open Mic, Thursday Podcast, and Saturday Webinar/Hangout) to promote Eden and attempt to grow it’s membership. Chris also appeared on over a half a dozen YouTube interviews talking about Eden, this first trial election, and the eospowerup.io service. Interviewers included Brandon Lovejoy, Jimmy D and Corey, DubDigital, Cryptoblood, and Nova Crypto.

It’s also worth noting that John has spent a lot of time working out bugs and the odd exploit of the powerup free service. Specifically, he noticed some “miners” were using the free service which prompted him to investigate and blacklist some accounts:

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Wrap Up:

By most objective accounts, the first mock election was a success. The promises made, or intent, were adhered to and delivered upon. We hope that this first test election can be used as a precedent setting event for future elections. Specifically, some best practices on what Eden election winners should do (e.g. the overall winner using an msig with the Board) and the Board working together post-election vs going their separate ways.

2 – What we could see being done moving forward

The Board had a meeting where we discussed where we thought the Trial Election II and the eventual actual Eden election could go with its community and budget. We offer the following as a menu to select from. This list is not meant to be authoritative, exhaustive, or prioritized. It’s just meant to seed further thought and action. We hope some or all of these items will be addressed by future iterations of Eden sooner rather than later. These are grouped by major areas of focus/need.

Usability: How can we have current EOS users have an easier time transacting?

  • Resource Management
  • A system that “just works” enough that you don’t need to read Stackoverflow to get stuff done
  • Stable coins? Having more stable coins in large volume would enable lot of people globally come to EOS who need a means of on-boarding into EOS but might not have access to dollar-denominated bank accounts
  • Tools that work globally, ie. that take into account how many people interact with the internet solely through the use of a mobile phone.

On-boarding: How do we get new people into the ecosystem with minimal friction?

  • Account Creation
  • Wallet selection / standardization
  • Focus on a particular market, eg. how can we on-board some of that huge, growing Eth defi market and show them EOS can do what they want, while doing it faster, cheaper, and more easily?
  • Perhaps Eden members could be some kind of ambassador to the ecosystem? Be the one to show new folks all the oddities of crypto (and EOS)…

Market Focus: Defi

  • We need something compelling to bring people to the EOS ecosystem. There are numerous existing applications and plenty of options, however the big one that’s currently in the limelight from which we might be able to peel people off from: Defi.
    • The user base is already there. They’re already up to speed on crypto and what that requires technically. And they’re willing to spend on crazy high fees to transact. How do we make the on-ramp for them a no-brainer? How do we make EOS the obvious place to do defi? Obviously liquidity is a big answer to that question, but I think we should be considering others as well. Perhaps Eden could tackle the thinking that could make this happen. The discussion might start with:
      • How do we bring real liquidity to rival that on Ethereum?
      • How do we provide the simplest, best, easiest on-boarding for defi developers to make the best and fastest defi tools and platforms? What would they need to join our ecosystem?
      • Back to the first topic, how do we make EOS usability so good that no one would want to transact anywhere else?
    • We would also be wise to consider what EOS can uniquely bring to the table: lower fees and speed are the most obvious, but there are likely other advantages if we specifically reconsider Defi on EOS.
  • Infrastructure How can we impact, guide, and maybe fund additional infrastructure? API nodes are critical to EOS apps, and they are in short supply. This is a major factor holding back the app ecosystem. What can be done here?
  • Build Global Partnership Development of coordination and effective action in the community, in particular the relationship between East and West. The view of the Western BPs and Eastern BPs is often an adversarial perspective. We–together–East and West–are successfully operating one of the most powerful blockchains out there. We highly recommend getting to know those we don’t know well. Build bridges. Create new opportunities to collaborate and find out that we’re all in this ecosystem together. We will be more powerful together than fractured internally.
  • Miscellaneous Ideas
    • buy the global top level domain name of .eos and use that to make a more integrated experience for users
    • Build a best-in-class educational portal that makes the EOS ecosystem the place to develop blockchain apps

3 – How we see Eden empowering the EOS community to new heights

The ideas put forth in More Equal Animals give us a new means of coming together, coordinating, and leveraging our effort. EdenOnEOS is an opportunity to bring coordination and leadership to the EOS community, to solve the massive problem of blockchain governance, and to show the world how well people can work together to shape our future when given the right tools.

The EOS community–as with many crypto communities–has looked to certain people and organizations for leadership. EdenOnEOS will be a massive evolution in the community owning itself, leading itself. EdenOS will empower the community to make its own decisions and pave its own way. With the short time and limited budget we had in the first Trial Election, we took the first steps toward self-ownership. We hope our small example will spark bold new leadership in the community.

We, all being humble individuals who never expected to “win” in the election, found ourselves providing a level of leadership that surprised us at times. We encourage you to step into that kind of leadership. Let’s stop looking to others for guidance and permission. If you have an idea or want to kick off a project, we encourage you to propose it, collect people, and make it happen. Let’s act and accept the risk of misstepping rather than not stepping or asking others to step for us.

Our community’s time has come. We will soon have the tools we need to coordinate effectively. Let’s not be held back by hesitation and deference. Let’s use EdenOS to achieve extraordinary things!

Lastly, we would be remiss not to give a big shout out to Daniel Larimer for writing More Equal Animals and providing the funding for this first trial event! The future looks brighter with Eden, EOS, and Clarion. If Dan’s intentions can become a reality, humanity will be eternally grateful! Thanks for being part of this innovative social experiment.


Go Eden on EOS!


Thanks Chris,

You all did a great job and the energy you put behind this was inspiring. Kudos.


Congrats @ChrisBarnes @John_Heeter @lovejoy @earthman @joshua.seymour and all that I forget.
That was a pleasure to attend the zoom calls also when late (for me). I’m happy with how Eden is going.
And this is the only beginning. GO EOS! GO Eden on EOS! Thank you @bytemaster