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Chrome, Anchor, and "Managed by your organization"

Hi. Do you intend to remove the ‘managed by your organization’ warning from Chrome in the default installation of Anchor on Windows? I had to manually remove the ‘urlallowlist’ esr:// policy from the registry to remove the annoying message.

People might be wary of that policy. Anchor works fine without it anyway.

We could remove it, but it’ll add an additional click every time you want to log into an application from Chrome. For whatever reason Google has decided that the “Always open with…” for custom URI handlers shouldn’t be displayed by default - so without that you need to click the link, the browser “accept” to open the URI, then approve the request in Anchor.

When I added that, I figured most people would appreciate not having the extra click. Maybe that assumption on my part was wrong though.

Thanks for answering!

Imho, two additional clicks are better than ‘managed by your organization’ message, seems to be a malware installed. Users don’t even know it’s by anchor installation. Perhaps a checkbox option in installation wizard and/or settings apps could be an easy elegant workaround.

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That’s probably a good compromise.

We added that code ages ago as well, back when every single request used the “esr://” custom URI protocol to trigger Anchor. Since then we’ve limited it down to just login requests - so I think the need for this to be on by default is probably a lot less critical.

I’ll open a github issue referencing this thread and we’ll work that into some sort of option for users. Having it available in the app still will be a lot easier than trying to get them to modify their registry (which I think is what they’d have to do to achieve it).