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Carmel Pre-Alpha

Hey Carmel friends, here’s the good news!

We have a working product and we’re testing it in a private pre-alpha phase at the moment.

We’re sticking to our original mission of building a solid revolutionary product that’s 100% open source and 100% decentralized with a circular token economy that powers an open marketplace. That vision is coming together and I’m looking forward to unveil a lot more details soon.

Now that we hit Pre-Alpha we’re going to start pulling the veil back and you will hear and see more of us in the EOS community. We have decided to join EOSCommunity.org and contribute to growing EOS into what it’s always meant to become. We’re still all in on EOS. Carmel was born on EOS and will always be a part of EOS and we’re here to bring all we’ve got to this community.

What an incredible milestone to see our vision start to become a reality. We are pioneering so much technology in a space that is still so new, uncharted and full of exciting possibilities. Sure, along with some very real challenges that we have to navigate without a map. But that’s how history is made, isn’t? By breaking new ground and building new ways of bettering our lives. Once upon a time, that’s what innovation was all about. We’re old fashioned like that so we believe in innovation that requires risks and venturing into the unknown. What we are building is literally unprecedented and there’s no blueprint on how something like this gets built. We had a lot to learn and take so many risks along the way. While it seemed impossible at times, we simply dove head in and ploughed through.

We took a more stealth mode approach because I’m personally tired and overwhelmed by the amount of talk and hype in our space without a solid product to back that talk. Now that we’re here, we’re really excited to start sharing what we have to offer to this space with all of you.

  1. It’s on.

Stay tuned.


I suggest anyone interested in online learning/MOOCs stick around for this one. @idancali is OG, has been around since the beginning, and is still going strong towards his vision. Thanks for dealing with actual problems and potentially life-changing solutions.


Thanks brother - you’re a sick OG yourself believing in Carmel from the get-go. That’s the only way we’re going to move this forward. With a strong community of human beings who believe in the vision: H > m. Humans over machines. Can’t wait for us to succeed together!

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Recognizing passion in others is a life-long passion of mine. :wink: