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Can't unlock wallet with my correct password

I imported a scatter wallet last week, was able to see my balance and unstake EFX. Now trying to unlock my wallet with the only password that I’ve ever used and it says “The password entered does not match that of the wallet currently selected”. I have my private key and JSON file. How can I unlock the wallet?

You may have run into a bug within the Scatter import feature. We’re still tracking down all the variations of Scatter backups which has taken some time.

If you have your private keys, I’d probably recommend avoiding importing from a Scatter backup and instead setting up Anchor from scratch.

You can do this by going into Tools, and in the upper right there is a “Reset Application” button. This will wipe all of the data out of Anchor and make it as if it was just installed. It’ll delete (from Anchor) your keys, the accounts you’ve setup - everything.

Now once you’re on the start screen again, click Setup Wallet, select the blockchain, then Import an Existing Account and Import by Private Key. Enter your private key, it’ll find your accounts, and you should be good to go!

Thanks for the instructions Aaron. That did it!

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