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Can't stake to REX

“assertion failure with message: user must stake before they can vote”

This is when I am trying to stake. CPU, RAM, NET is fine. This is with Bloks.io.

EOS Auth shows my available balance in dashboard but zero available on REX page.

This is an unfortunate situation for new accounts with the current way things are designed.

I believe currently you will need to do the following:

  • Stake 0.0001 or some low amount to either CPU or NET.
  • Then perform the REX action.

You can unstake that small amount after your REX actions are complete. The contracts right now have a chicken-or-egg situation going on, where you need to vote before you can use REX, and you need staked tokens before you can vote.

Thanks. Anchor would not let me stake less than 1 EOS to each, but that did work.