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Cannot create new account

Hi EOS Community!

Having a lot of trouble creating a new account with Anchor. Done a lot of research but can’t find a solution to my problem.

I have downloaded the Anchor wallet to my desktop but there is no button for the “Create new account” as per the guides I’ve found. I’ve tried un/reinstalling but still no luck.

Is anyone able to help or is there any support EOS community can provide?


Account creation unfortunately isn’t available in the desktop build yet. New accounts on the EOS network have a cost associated to their creation which is different than most blockchains where you simply create a keypair and you’re good to go.

For desktop if you’re looking to create an account, there are a few websites that can create them for you. I’m trying to find a list but it doesn’t seem like one’s readily available.

Mobile is probably the easiest way to create one though. Anchor for iOS has account creation for $1.99 (Android not available yet) and I believe Wombat for both iOS and Android allows you to create a custodial account for free and pay something later to unlock and take control of it. TokenPocket might also have something, but I’m not entirely sure.

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Hi Aaron, thanks for your response - much appreciated. Unfortunately I only have an Android phone so that’s not an option for me.

I’ve seen plenty of info online saying that you just click on “Set up New Wallet” button but this is not visible in my Anchor version.

Basically I just want to set up an Anchor wallet instead of using WCW as it seems to have far more superior performance over WCW. I find it really strange that there is no option to create a wallet on desktop and that this has proven to be so difficult so far without any success. If you’ve got any additional tips on how to get past this point it would be great.

Thanks again


Try wombat or tokenpocket.

Another option is https://eos-account-creator.com/

A “wallet” is what we call an individually loaded account paired with a key in Anchor. The first button when setting up Anchor I believe used to say “Setup New Wallet”, which was used to import an existing account.

Setting up a wallet is not the same thing as setting up new account though.

I explained in the above post that creating an account has a cost associated to it, which is why it’s not available in desktop. I originally thought you were talking about EOS since there was no mention of WAX in the post, but WAX is in the same situation.

We’ll have a solution available in desktop at some point, but it is not available yet.

Hello Bbbbarrel,

Go through this link and you will be ready to roll.


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