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Can not find Private Key with Ledger Wallet?


I am using Anchor Wallet (integrated Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet). How can I find my private key from Anchor wallet ?
It notify that " Ledger wallet refer to the a special wallet that containt no private key and use Ledger hardware device to interact with blockchain & dapp " ? If don’t have private key how can it interact with blockchain ???

Futhermore, in case of broken Hardware wallet, how can I recover my EOS account ? because Hardware is unique. ???

anyone can help, pls



The private key is inside the hardware wallet and it is not accessible (the whole point of having a hardware wallet)

When you need to use the wallet, Anchor prepares the TX and sends it to the Ledger that signs it internally

When you initially set up your ledger your were given a set of “seed words”
If your device breaks, you just need to introduce the same seed on a new device


Thanks Max for your info.

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