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Bug in the REX smart contract - unable to unlend EOS

Hello. I am experiencing a bug in the REX contract that was described first in January 2020, more than a year ago. The bug prevents users from unlending their REX.
Github thread: BUG: EOS locked by system contract - many voters' staked property <voters.staked> is less than total staked CPU/NET of the voter account, and leads to "stake for voting cannot be negative" assert when the voter account trying to unstake EOS. · Issue #34 · EOSIO/eosio.system · GitHub
I have EOS stuck in the contract as well. The error message I have been getting for months now is the one described on Github. It says: “stake for voting cannot be negative”, both when using Anchor and Scatter. It’s extremely frustrating not being able to unlend EOS from REX, and so far no one seemed to be able to help. Is someone working on a fix for this problem?