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Blockchain Not Configuring


Trying to login/connect on Bloks.io using Anchor. When clicking on Anchor and Bloks goes to open Anchor, we get the message that Blockchain not configured. Went to add the blockchain and it’s already checked. When connecting, connects ok, updates ok.

How do we resolve this to login with Anchor on Bloks, trying to stake for resources?

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I get the same message – even though I am connected to the EOS blockchain. I have EOS tokens from the original conversion that I can’t access no matter what I’ve tried.

Do you have an account setup in Anchor already?

That error message will happen if either:

  • The blockchain isn’t setup and connected, or…
  • There are no accounts configured for the selected blockchain.

I’d be curious to know what the home screen of your wallet looks like and how its been setup.

Yes, I have an account set up. Here are images of Anchor.

Thanks for the screenshots!

That second screenshot where it says false@false tells me the accounts were imported incorrectly into Anchor. It looks like you went through the “Manual Import” process and didn’t manage to set it up properly.

I would recommend you remove those accounts from Anchor (from the Manage Wallets) interface and reimport them. Do not use the manual import process this time but instead use the “Import via Private Key” method, where you just supply the private key and it’ll set everything else up for you.