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Be a part of EOS arbitrage (Gravy Project)

Hi guys. How to do be part of doing arbitrage in the EOS ecosystem? GRAVY is a high frequency trading (HFT) arbitrage strategy implemented on the EOS mainnet. The GRAVY project is backed by a very talented team with years of experience.

Furthermore, HONEST miners play an important part in GRAVY as decentralized execution mechanism for GRAVY’s strategies and process. If you start mining, follow the instructions exactly and don’t change something you shouldn’t. It will get your EOS account maybe permanently banned, since it could be interpreted, that you try to cheat. :wink:

Original article from eosoptions.com you can find here: EOSOptions Launches GRAVY: The First HFT DeFi Protocol | by EOSOptions.com | Medium

If you don’t want to setup an EOSIO environment, you can use as well the laptop miner developed from the GRAVY project:

Or you can join the Gravy mining pool https://letsminesome.com/
The mining pool has nothing to do with the GRAVY project. Its a service for people who don’t like to mine for themselves. The pool is charging 3% of your mined GRV tokens as a fee, which I think is fair. But I use letsminesome since 6 month and its working good for me. So I can recommend it. Sometimes they have problems and I get less GRV tokens, but hey, I had problems as well when I was mining for myself. So more or less I got the same amount of GRV tokens, just with less headache for me :wink: If there are problems, the developers are online every day in their telegram channel and answer your questions: Telegram: Contact @gravyminersita

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Where can I buy a vanilla call on EOS with USD or EOS? I’d be interested in a $10 strike for June expiry for instance. I can’t seem to find this on eosoptions.com - just stuff about staking which seems to be a misnomer. I’d be happy to cross the delta with the seller on purchase, or run naked.

Regarding staking GRV. Is there a minimum amount of mining needed per day to be eligible for staked GRV payouts? Is that why I must reference a miner name when actioning a staking contract?

https://hegeos.io/ by Dappaccoundao team Telegram: Contact @DAD_Token

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No, you can just write your own account name for mining name, and any amount of staked grv is eligible for payouts.

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Thank you, greatly appreciated

I’ve made a new permission on my account to mine GRV for security reasons. Do you think I should make another permission to stake GRV?
Currently the way its set up is:
Made a new EOS account with a permission to exclusive perform the mining contract.
All GRV is sent from my new account to my main account that holds all my EOS
Then I run the stakegrv contract from there (main account)… do you think its necessary to make a new permission on my main account to stakegrv? or is staking a relatively low risk/ no risk action that doesn’t need such precautions.

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The reason to make new keys & permissions for things isn’t really because the action your performing is “risky” or not. It’s more to do with how you’re using the keys for signing those actions.

For example I think it makes sense to isolate the mine action like you did, because if you’re using the miner.js script for Gravy, you need to enter your private key into it in plain text which could be a security vulnerability.

But the stake action on your main account should be safe because it’s just a regular action that you will authenticate using any standard authenticator like Anchor.