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B1 spends another 83,333 eos, but the community does not know where to use it?

B1 spent another 83,333 EOS. These EOS were originally donated by the community to the B1 account, but now our community does not know what B1 has done.

Yes, this is not the first time. B1 may have paid an outsourcing service fee and may be doing Bullish for B1.

But B1 uses eos donated by the community to pay for its own projects. What kind of operation is this?

Some people say that people have the right to dominate, but this is unethical.

Think about it, everyone, you donated to someone to renovate his dilapidated house, but he squandered out of food and drink. What do you think? Should we condemn it?

Some people have said that when the community donated B1, there was no agreement. People can spend whatever they want.

When the mainnet was launched, the community did not give B1 100 million eos to the community. There is indeed no regulation, and the intention of the donation is not stated, but I think normal people know what the intention is, right?

We donate for a thing, such as supporting a patient or supporting a post-disaster reconstruction. We don’t say what the intention is when we donate, but obviously it’s not right if you use the money in inappropriate places. This is common sense. Don’t you say that all the money is donated to me, it is at my disposal, and it is legitimate for me to use it for irrelevant things?

Although the community can’t do anything, it is justified to condemn B1’s behavior. If you need to use eos for B1’s own expenses, please buy it yourself. Please use the mainnet for gifts from the community, thank you!

Having said that, we even need to discuss the legality of the b1 grapefruit when the mainnet was launched. If we can prove that it is illegal, we can recover it.

When the mainnet was launched, the 100 million grapefruits given to b1 were written in the code by b1 in advance, and the community recognized it by default when it was launched. However, there may be no way at the beginning. If you disagree, you may not be able to successfully launch the mainnet. Or the entire community cannot be supported by b1. That’s why the node that launched the mainnet cannot represent the public opinion of the entire community, so the grapefruit allocated to b1 has no legality, or it should be launched at the right time. Referendum to see if the entire community is really willing to allocate 100 million grapefruits to b1.
If a referendum can be initiated, in theory, we can determine through public opinion that the grapefruit that was originally allocated to b1 is illegal, and then recover it.

Or if an agreement is determined to be unequal, if the contract is determined to be invalid, is it possible to recover the investment or donation?

We don’t even have to recover the donated eos, but the community must have the power to monitor the scope of use of this part of the donation, and add a multi-signature permission to the B1 account.

BM also clarified the legitimacy of legislative changes in the article " The Sovereignty of Blockchains". When everyone voted to oust a mediocre king, his property can be used as the national treasury. Here I call on B1, the EOS in the account is donated by the community, we can recover it, and advise you to be kind, and your legitimacy is given by the community.


You are maybe judging too fast… We are in the long game. block one is playing the long game.

I read that the payments are “likely BitGo that works on the custody aspect.”

What if you instead used your energy for something productive? Imagine what we can achieve?

In my opinion the EOS Community have to get away from this b1 victim role and not promote it.

Focus on what we can control.

Don’t expect anything from b1, but be surprised instead. And have in mind: b1 is a token holder! They are a member of the EOS Community. They are on OUR side!

Today I am no more disappointed, because I don’t expect anything anymore from b1.

But I was positively surprised from b1:


Agreed. For too long eos investors have leant on B1, it’s time to pull up our pants and do the damn thing ourselves. Which has been the case over the last 6 months.

This B1 owes us / scammed us posts detracts from the work of our quality BPS and developers.

I say stfu and move forward without B1, because guess… what B1 isn’t EOS…

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“Donated”? Really? You expected nothing in return?
I donated to GM and all they gave me was a pickup and they did nothing to improve its value after I bought it like I had hoped they would. I’d like my donation back.

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