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Are there any animal rights/vegan friendly people in the EOS community?

I am looking to find people who could help a non-profit (Vegan Outreach). In the short term my idea is to jumpstart a fundraiser I made. In the long term it would be good it help them find a way to take crypto donations and use the EOS tech to make things better. I don’t really know what that would be exactly, but we are involved with making a free program to educate people about how to go vegan and translating it in different language in different countries around the world. We used to do more public outreach before the lockdowns, but now our activism has gone mostly online. At the moment there is too much reliance on big tech platforms to reach new people and spread the message. I see platforms like Odysee and I like how it is not censored and people can use the token to boost content. I wonder if there are ideas for how to advertise to people who are interested in learning about veganism, without the need for platforms such as facebook.