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Application for the specified Chinese section in the forum

Dear @aaron, we chinese community are eager for a specified Chinese section in the classification list. Here are some of my reasons:

  1. Chinese community is one of the bigest EOS community, most of the them are not aware of the translation function built in the forum.

  2. The title cann’t be translate automaticly, this maybe the biggest obstacles for the on-boarding of the chinese people on the eos forum.

  3. Such a language barrier may still exist even when they make use of the translation function, because of the hard translation of the text.

  4. We can have a sub-domain like “https://forums.eoscommunity.org/cn”.

Please voting for it:

Open the Chinese section (开通中文板块)
  • Open (开通)
  • Not Open (不开通)

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We can create one just like we have the KOREOS section.

What should it be called, preferably something easily identifiable?


That‘s wonderful. We prefer to call it “EOS中文”. And it would be very nice if we could have it on the top of the category, as shown in the picture below.

Further more, with the domain " “https://forums.eoscommunity.org/cn", we can promote it as a native Chinese forum !

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Its a child category of the main EOS category :+1: