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Announcing the brand new Eden Wiki

Today, the Eden community is taking a major step toward full transparency with the announcement of a new wiki, launched to facilitate on-going communication with the community.

As part of the EdenOS initiative, the Eden Wiki intends to increase transparency with the EOS Community. The Wiki includes 1) project status updates 2) project roadmaps and intended directions, and 3) ways for people to take part in what is a revolutionary next step in reaching consensus via Fractal Democracy.

The Wiki over time, strives to not only inform the community of what’s going on with the project but also coordinate efforts of the many talented and committed people who make up the EOS Community.

Please review a recorded walkthrough/introduction, which is available via IPFS or via Google Drive.

To explore the Eden Wiki, click here.

About Eden: We are building the means for people to regain influence in their communities and revolutionize their means of coming to consensus.

Mike Manfredi
COO, ClarionOS