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Announcing eosaccount.io


A new project proposal for Eden Funding.


A simple but powerful tool for creating new EOS accounts that will resolve onboarding friction for new users. The first step as part of a larger initiative to build an EOS web wallet aimed at casual users.

Detailed Explanation

Eosaccount.io aims to solve all common friction points around creating, managing and ultimately using EOS accounts.


  • Eosaccount.io will make account creation and onboarding simple for new users. The core innovation is in the form of consumable account vouchers that anyone can issue in the form of a unique link that can then be consumed for free by a new user who is creating an EOS account.
  • Additionally there will be a very simple process to create an EOS account directly from an exchange (the most common friction point for new users).


  • EOS has the most powerful permissions system of any blockchain but most users don’t know how to take proper advantage of it.
  • Eosaccount.io will offer easy tools to do things like:
    – backup your owner permission to cold storage
    – create limited permission keys for interacting with specific dapps safely
    – setup account recovery so a trusted user(s) or legal authority could recover your account in case the active key is lost or compromised
    – Msigs for casual users: Most users have no idea how to secure their account using an msig authority, we will make it dead simple.


Eventually this site could be linked with an easy EOS web wallet that would enable casual users to use social/email-pass + webauthn login to control an EOS account without requiring the installation of a wallet or extension.
Examples of existing solutions on the market:

Actionable Steps

  1. Build basic account creation tools
  2. Implement funding and consumption of account creation vouchers.
  3. Implement account management functionality described above.
  4. Implement web wallet to enable easy login without installing an extension or native wallet.


Timelines for steps above

  1. 2 weeks
  2. 4 weeks
  3. 4 weeks
  4. 3-6 months

Success Metrics

  • Accounts are easy to create from an exchange
  • Account vouchers are easy to fund and share with new users.
  • Advanced account management features are now simple to use
  • Users can interact with common Dapps using the new web wallet.


I will update this later. The milestones can be funded individually based on user demand.

Please leave comments, I’d like to update this proposal based on feedback.


If I understood correct, what Ami doing is about create account and manage account too. Can these integrate?

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It’s possible, I would have to study the solution Ami has built.


I’m excited about this project! We’ve needed this for such a long time.


Excellent. This is sorely needed. Another suggestion would be to add access/link to eospowerup.io free/automated powerup function within the wallet.


Indeed. I’d add with an initiative that grows community consciousness toward increasing independence.

That was my first thought as well

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Great proposal. Recommend follow through with a sharp UI.

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Nice work, must be as useful as eospowerup.io!

Also check out eosgiftcard.com
I had a very similar idea in the past, but never got around implementing the voucher part. But the smart contract is open source and available on GitHub!

For UI/UX, I suggest we clone what TELOS did as shown in the link below: