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Anchor WAX Transactions Failing to Process

Newbie here - your patience is much appreciated! :slight_smile:
Purchased an NFT game piece on AtomicHub this morning using Wax from my Anchor wallet on my PC running Windows 10. Sorry, don’t know all the technical names of the various steps, but I “signed” the transaction and it seemed that was that. Except it wasn’t. Wax was never deducted from my wallet, and I never received the item. About 30 mins. later, I tried again with a similar item. Same series of events - transaction appeared confirmed, but again, no Wax changed hands, no NFT received. Have purchased several items before from AtomicHub using my Anchor wallet, with no difficulties.

Related question: MetaMask allows me to check any transaction in detail using Etherscan. Anything similar for Anchor/Wax? Did a cursory check of my Anchor wallet but didn’t find anything.

Thank you in advance.

Is there any error anywhere, or does everything, including AtomicHub, show it as successful?

I’m wondering if this is an API issue, and might be something AtomicHub needs to address.

You can use a block explorer like wax.bloks.io or https://eosauthority.com/?network=wax to see all the transactions performed by your account. We don’t show them in the wallet at this point in time.

Thank you for your reply! I tried purchasing the item a third time, and on this go around, the transaction finally went through. I took screenshots at each step just to verify things. Although trials 1&2 looked almost exactly the same as #3, I think there WAS a difference: #3 had a text box appear on the screen near the end stating “Transaction Successful! Executed locally. Waiting for Confirmation.” That text box had not appeared in the 1st 2 trials, although nothing had appeared either stating that an error had occurred. Not sure why this happened.

Thank you also for the block explorer links.