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Anchor wallet won't connecting to apps like wax or games

Added wax and EOS accounts to wallet…the wax wallet was a testnet wallet created on blocks, then added to on bloks then added via priv key to Anchor…Anchor doesn’t connect to any site. I’m on mobile app. Just spits back the message attached.

Which URL for atomichub are you trying to log into?

There are different URLs that allow connecting via different networks. If you have an EOS account loaded, it’ll work on https://eos.atomichub.io, if you have a WAX account loaded, https://wax.atomichub.io/.

I’m not sure if there’s a URL for the WAX testnet or not.

The url is AtomicHub - Create, sell or collect digital items secured with blockchain

Also Dark Country

Those are both WAX testnet URLs. You sure you have a testnet account loaded up and ready to go?

You need to go into the app settings to enable testnets before that’s possible. I believe tapping the logo on the home screen 5 times or something is what opens that. Did you go through that already?

Tapping the Anchor logo?

I got the keys to set up the wallet from the testnet site to setup a testnet wallet in Anchor

When you look at your accounts list, does it say “WAX Testnet” on the account?

No it just says Wax…the only testnet account pre-listed was for jungle net…I did import the testnet account key from the wax sweden site though it still did not list as a wax testnet account rather the 12 letter name assigned to it on the wax sweden site

Figured it out…thanks though!