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Anchor Wallet - Where to download?

As blockchain technologies continue to increase in popularity, so does the amount of ways malicious actors are going to try to compromise your security. Because of this, please make sure you only download Anchor from official sources.

Please do not download Anchor from random links you find in Telegram, Reddit, or any where else. If you do, you may be downloading a fake version that could steal your private keys.

The official sources for each platform are:

Anchor for macOS/Windows/Linux

Anchor for iOS

Anchor for Android

  • [tbd] : The official website
  • [tbd] : Apple App Store

Hello, I need help with downloading the anchor wallet to Ubuntu 20.04
is there a tutorial or link I can use for step by step guidance?

I don’t think there’s a guide specifically for Ubuntu, but you can find the various version to download for all operating systems here:

If anyone out there can make a step by step guide i’ll be happy to pay in EOS