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Anchor wallet stress my cpu


There is a bug with Anchor wallet and i have a friend who got the same issue.

Basically, after i close Anchor it can happen that processes don’t close.

Here is a screenshot of my task manager

Brave and Anchor are both close but proc are still running, also the bug doesn’t necessarily occur with Brave as parent proc, sometime there are only Anchor processes but same issue, my cpu end up behing stress.

I’m not on the last version (1.3.4) but my friend which is on (1.3.7) also get the bug.

We have seen this on a few different machines but haven’t been able to find the root cause yet. We suspect it has something to do with one of the processes terminating and restarting, but the process that’s being terminated isn’t actually closing out - so you end up with multiple dead processes running in the background.

We’ll keep looking… I know it’s annoying to have these dead processes floating around and sorry about the headaches!

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