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Anchor Wallet not recognising private key

Hi, I’m trying to import my proton wallet onto Anchor Wallet. When I enter my private key, there is a brief loading circle and the green tab on the right hand side that says “Import Account(s)” is greyed out. My only option is to click cancel.

EDIT: I’m using Anchor Wallet v 1.3.0, and it is definitely my private key I’m entering.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Few things to check:

  • Make sure you’re using an API that supports key lookups. Under “manage blockchains”, click the gear on the network you’re trying to use, and try changing APIs. You can use ours, which is the name of the network followed by greymass.com (so https://eos.greymass.com or https://wax.greymass.com).
  • Check a block explorer to make sure your account hasn’t had the keys changed. If the keys changed, and you tried to import, the key wouldn’t be recognized.

If you’re still having problems or don’t know where to look, I can check the account as well if you don’t mind sharing. Feel free to email team@greymass.com or post here if you want to share publicly.