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Anchor Wallet iOS app deleted and won't allow signing

Hi everyone. I’ve been using Anchor for about 6 months now but first time on the forums. I have a WAX address in my Anchor wallet. I had the v1.2 app on my iphone and macbook. Well I noticed today that the app had been deleted and that the desktop version would no longer let me sign txns. I was getting some sort of error (see screenshot below). I went on the website and noticed there was a v1.2.6 desktop app and downloaded that. The only option this new app gave me to recover my account was by using the private key. I did enter the private key and it seems like I’m in. I’m able to sign txns again. But I’m worried that it forced me to use my private key and didn’t allow me to use my pass phrases. In addition, I re-downloaded the iOS app and tried recovering using my pass phrases but it keeps telling me its wrong. Anyone else experience this? Or can put my mind at ease? I also don’t like how this new desktop app doesn’t seem to let you use biometrics like the old one did. Is there a way? Thanks!