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Anchor wallet for Android- security issue Beta build 0.35.6


I have been using the android version of Anchor Wallet and noticed that it is not possible to set any security measure such as pin code, fingerprint or 2fa etc.

The app works great, but unfortunately if someone other than the phone owner gets hold of the phone in unlocked state, then they can just open the Anchor wallet and copy the private key without having to successfully navigate any security measures.

Is this a bug, an oversight or a fluke of the version I have.

Anchor for android on playstore Beta Build 0.35.6

Thanks for any feedback.

While importing the account, you should have the ability to enable biometrics for that account - which will use whatever native biometrics your device supports (fingerprint or face). Then any time you perform an action or attempt to access a key, it’ll require that security measure, and prevent any unauthorized use of the app should the device be unlocked.

We have some rewrites to that logic in the works as well, which I believe is in code review. It’ll allow pin codes on top of the biometrics. I believe that’s in code review, though going very slowly since most of our resources at this point are going into finishing some research papers. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

Thanks Aaron.

I know you guys are very busy.

I will try and reinstall and see how that goes.