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Anchor Wallet (Early Access) Android

Hi all, hope all is well. Is there any guess as to when the Android variant will be up to speed? I’ve used it a bit and it’s a tad lacking in functionality.

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Up to speed compared to what?

We currently are focused on designing both iOS and Android to be “Authenticators” first, meant to be used in conjunction with other applications. Think of it like your phone is a hardware wallet like a Ledger or Trezor, which requires an external application to use.

We are also designing a web wallet (wallet.greymass.com) to serve as the primary interface for sending/receiving/etc that you’d use alongside it. You could use bloks.io or any other web wallet with it as well.


Been having trouble signing on Anchor android. Pops up fine and spin for a second but then just sits there showing Login or Cancel.

The latest Android version seems to have introduced this bug - we’ll have a new version released pretty soon that resolves this :+1:

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