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Anchor transaction confirmation

Not long ago I had a problem - the transaction window took a long time to load, about 7 seconds. I do not know what this is connected with, maybe the problem is in my computer.
When following this link anchor-link-demo-multipass
the following error appears.

Just to confirm, this is using the desktop version yeah?

We have an update coming very soon we hope will resolve this issue with connectivity by some users.

That’d be awesome. I know some people here in Venezuela who uses Anchor on the computer (I include myself). We all agree on something: It takes too long to approve a transaction, sometimes the transaction expires. We face many issues, devices and internet service are part of them. The app weights more than what it looks. Last update made it lighter, but still laggy when signing a trx.

I’ve heard this a few times and would really like to take some time to improve that situation. Anchor, in theory, should be one of the fastest ways to sign transactions… even faster than using a web browser directly. The reason for this is we’ve heavily optimized the API calls required to sign a transaction.

Would you mind helping me understand where it’s slowing down in the process?

What would be awesome is if we could get a screen recording of the complete process. Starting in a dapp, logging in, then starting a transaction and seeing Anchor popup and approving the transaction. Seeing for ourselves which part of the process slows down the most might help us identify exactly what the issue is and how to resolve it.


After Anchor is open and unlocked, the first transaction is the one that causes all the troubles. The popup appears but it is only a white screen that won’t let me do anything else because its over screen and, after some attempts (in some cases), it loads.

After the first transaction is signed, it keeps working well for the next ones. (This, everytime the Anchor is executed).

If Anchor is executed by the “Launch Anchor” button and the program is closed, it will definitely have the error. There’s more probability of success if the program is previously opened and unlocked.

Thanks for the detailed description, which leads me to a few follow up questions if you don’t mind!

  • Which version of Anchor is this?
  • Which operating system are you using, and which version?

It sounds like there’s a bug with some specific combination of these things. The window being open and white sounds like a launch issue with the OS rather than having to do with the internet. If it’s purely white, that means its erroring somewhere :thinking: