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Anchor Mobile "Scan for Accounts" Option?

I just finished building a prototype for a tool to give away FIO Address to EOS account holders, but ran into a little snag where using the EOS public key to create a FIO account means I have to copy the private key in anchor mobile and paste it back in again using import account in order for it to see the new FIO account. Would it be possible to scan the chain again for new accounts the existing private keys in the wallet can already access? That would make the tool I’ve built much more useful with no need to copy and paste a private key from Anchor to Anchor.


We have talked about this a few times, and there is a utility in the app that lets you do this but you have to go digging through the advanced section of the app… which isn’t the most user friendly. There are tools within the advanced section that if used incorrectly by a novice user could cause problems with their other accounts.

Currently on iOS a user can tap the Anchor logo 5 times to enter these tools. From there, they can go into the Keychain Viewer and then select a key to rescan. This rescan will detect all accounts related to that key and allow imports.

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Secret features! Woo hooo!!! Nice. I’ll give it a shot.