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Anchor 1.2.0 (Wrong "device/ledger" status while device is disconected from USB)

Have found a small issue to be fixed and this is the step to reproduce it:

1.) Open anchor wallet and go to the “ledger” option:

2.) Power on the ledger key and press the “Enable ledger Support”

3.) After you will get information that a ledger is connected

4.) Now close the dialog and with the mouse cursor go to the “ledger” icon. Keep the mouse button and remove the ledger from the USB key…
The app will show that the ledger is connected but it isn’t…


also if you click on the “icon” it will show a dialog that a ledger is connected

I apologize but where I work we have a QA (quality assurance) team that also checks impossible things;). That’s why I try similar things in other programs :wink:

Hah, good catch on that. I’m surprised it didn’t catch that, but we’ll make sure to look into it. I opened a Github issue for this here:

With the size of Greymass right now as an organization, our developers are forced to QA between development times, and we don’t get to catch everything like this. So it’s very appreciated!

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