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Adding Basic Digital Marketing Tags to the Site

Greetings All,

I wanted to reach out about adding some marketing infrastructure to the website. I have a 20+ year back ground in Digital Marketing, LinkedIn Info here
I would be willing to donate my time to get these things installed and maintained/activated on… Not really sure what the process would be for this which is what prompted this post. Looks like the site has a GTM Tag on it now It would be useful to get an instance of Google Analytics on there as well as Google Ad Words Tags, Facebook and Twitter. I sympathize with the feeling that adding these big tech tags to a site may seem invasive. However they offer powerful audience building tools for when we are ready to drive some marketing to the site. I would also be interested in getting the Webmaster Tools set up from Google so we can get a look at how users are finding the site through organic searches etc…
Really just looking to help out with what I can.
If anyone can point me in teh right direction that would be great!!
In Gratitude,

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Tnx my Big breather