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Account not found in Anchor Desktop when importing a private key

There are a handful of reasons this could occur, and is one of the most commonly asked questions, so in an effort to create a comprehensive answer post to refer people towards I decided to start a forum thread on the topic.

If you are trying to import an account into Anchor Desktop and it’s not being found, this post should provide a starting point to figure out why.

Make sure you’re using a compatible API

Ensure that the API that Anchor connects with supports this operation.

Under Manage Blockchains (dropdown, upper left), click the small gear next to the blockchain in question. If it’s a greymass.com API, it likely has key lookups enabled, and this isn’t the issue. If it’s not a greymass.com API, we’d invite you to change it to one of our APIs to see if that resolves the issue (the page may take a minute to load).

Make sure you don’t already have that account loaded

When you input a private key to import, Anchor will automatically hide all of the accounts you already have imported to prevent you from importing it again. Check the account dropdown (upper left) to make sure the account isn’t already imported, and potentially check the Manage Wallets section as well.

Make sure it’s the right private key for the account

One of the common issues users face when trying to import via a private key is that they aren’t using the right key, maybe they changed their keys or just mistakenly are using the wrong one. It’s important to make sure the key you are using is the right one.

You can do this in the Tools section with the Key Validator.

Input your private key (starts with the number 5 or PVT) in the Key Validator tool and it will display the public key (starts with the letters EOS or PUB typically).

Then, go to a block explorer like bloks.io or eosauthority.com and lookup your account. Under the Keys section of your account page, it will display the public keys for the account, either in the EOS or PUB formats. You can toggle between the formats on some explorers by clicking the icon next to the key.

Ensure that the public key from the Key Validator matches that of what the block explorer displays. If it does not match, it’s not the right key for the account.

Still not working?

Let us know, reply to this forum thread or start a new thread and we’ll see if we can help further. If we come up with more scenarios and/or things you can try, we will update this post with them.

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i got same problem…my private key i key in in keyvalidator it show valite, but when i key it in bloks.io it show nothing. Is it i get scam? i create this account from eos-account-creator.com. is it scam? My token support admin tell me is is not scam…

If a block explorer isn’t finding it, either its not the right key or the keys were changed at some point. You could also lookup your account by the account name, and then look to through the history to see if at any point there was an updateauth action - which is what changes keys.

i use my account id in bloks.io it show my account there… how is it?

Look at the keys and history to see if anything changed.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, let me know the account name (feel free to send it to team@greymass.com if you want to keep it more private) and I’ll look.

i send already to team@greymass.com

how is it bro? any problem?

I can’t read the account name from the screenshot.

Can you send either a higher resolution one or just send the error?

another message u read… i got send the account name

hi aaron… how is it? now the error show me wrong private key when i want to transfer. i guess im being scam…

Sorry for the delay.

Your account looks fine. The keys haven’t changed on the account, so it’s still using the same keys it was created with.

You sure you’re using the right private keys?

im sure i get it from here http://eos-account-creator.com my private key. but i can only login using manual, if import i can’t go in.

The manual import would let you enter any key and any account name. If you have the wrong key using that method it’s not going to tell you if something is incorrect.

If the private key import isn’t working then it’s not the right key for the account.

Feel free to try a different wallet (Scatter or SimplEOS) and see if you can import it there. If it doesn’t work there either, then its definitely not the right key.

im doom… haih… i got transfer token inside, and now it is stuck… how come i can get the wrong private key… i get it from here [http://eos-account-creator.com. Is this scam website? Does me got any way to solve this problem?

I don’t think the website is a scam - its been running for ages and this is the first time I think I’ve heard of problems with it.

Did you get more than one private key, do you have any others to try? I’m wondering if during creation something just got mixed up with the keys.

Like I recommended also, you could try a different wallet to see if maybe this is an Anchor-specific issue (which I’m doubting, but you never know). That’d probably be the next thing I’d try.

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For me everything broke when I (auto) updated to 1.2.1 (From 1.1.12). Each previous update I would manually download from github, but today I felt lazy so I decided to give auto update a try.

After updating and launching anchor:

First, when typing a password to unlock wallet nothing would happen, app would just hang. After a while I figured I’d just remove anchor completely and do a clean install.

After that, when I pasted any private key to import account nothing comes up, I don’t get invalid key error, it’s like account doesn’t exist. Checked my key in key validator and it is indeed valid, tried importing it to scatter and simpleos and both apps work.

This is the first time I tried auto update instead of downloading directly from github and it broke on me. Then I tried rebooting my PC, changing default nodes, removing new version and installing the 1.1.12 again but it’s still broken

What have I done :sob::sob::sob:

Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!

EDIT: It resolved itself. I just reset anchor to default settings and when pasting my private key my EOS account was found successfully. Not sure whether the reset option did the trick or something else I did because I tried loads of different things. I’m glad everything is back to normal

You might have run into issues with our API servers, which happened during the time you posted. I think it was just a coincidence :sweat_smile:

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