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Accidentally sent funds to "coinbase" eos account instead of coinbasebase

I accidentally sent 238 EOS to an account named coinbase instead of one named coinbasebase.

Coinbase claims they have nothing to do with that other account. Does anyone know who owns it and if there is any way to retrieve my tokens?

If not, this account should be closed by EOS BPs asap to avoid similar mistakes (it seems like there are a lot of them on this account).

Thank you,


Sorry that happened, @omri9222.

Looks like it’s a real account someone created and it’s being actively used, so there’s no way BPs or token holder consensus would kill the account.

Best you could do is probably to just send another 0.0001 EOS to that account (and maybe also yang.btc) with a memo explaining your mistake, and hope that they see it and return your funds.

Good luck,

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