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It seems to me so far (i am an Eden and EOS newbie, just learning about both, only 1/3rd through reading More Equal Animals the first time) that this EdenOnEOS category (and the Telegram Group EdenOnEOS) is being used to discuss just that, the EOS community using a “sub-platform” of Eden governance/consensus mechanism (Eden OS), testing it as a governance system for the EOS community.

I feel the most important first step is to develop, test, adapt and use the Eden OS for itself. ie. to use Eden OS to govern the development and deployment of Eden OS.

I think it would therefore be best to have an additional category (i will call it a Cause Group):

**Eden OS Development **. This cause group would focus on developing Eden OS so it can be used by any organisation, and not have any bias toward EOS. Sure it will (probably) be built on EOS, but only probably. Option to deploy “sub-platforms” on any blockchain which could be bridged to the “mother system” could be highly advantageous imo.

I may have some misunderstandings. Please correct them if so.


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